Data Solutions: Access granular health data. Unlock insights across the care continuum

Health information systems and the data they generate are critical components for strengthening health systems. Helium Health is addressing Africa’s heavily fragmented healthcare data ecosystem by building the continent’s largest, anonymized, longitudinal health data network through our robust digital health tools, and our ever-expanding network of providers, patients and partners.

Our Capabilities

Accurate health information is the foundation for informed healthcare decisions for all stakeholders, at every level. Our real-world data suite covers multiple therapeutic areas, enabling healthcare, government, donor and pharmaceutical organizations to execute their priorities.

Robust Population Health Surveillance:

From identifying the leading causes of child and maternal mortality to transmitting early warnings of outbreaks, Helium Health scales epidemiological data to:

  • Facilitate the quick coordination of public health emergency protocols

  • Identify high-risk communities for interventions

Enhanced Drug Discovery, Development and Distribution

We provide pharmaceutical organizations with the contextual, phenotypic data necessary to:

  • Recruit African patients for clinical trials and improve the continent’s underrepresentation in global drug development

  • Track drug utilization, effectiveness, safety and resistance peculiarities across regions

Seamless, Cost-Effective Monitoring & Evaluation

We enable funders and implementers to optimize scarce resources for maximum impact by providing healthcare data in any configuration desired, enabling:

  • Quick alignment with program stakeholders about outcomes and success indicators

  • Continuous, cost-effective M&E cycles that encourage experimentation and optimize resource allocation

Evidence-Based Policy Creation

Our robust data and analytical expertise can be used to inform national and sub-national priorities, smart health policies, and long-term strategies that:

  • Garner support from external funding partners to scale health interventions

  • Develop private-sector incentives to increase R&D for neglected diseases and populations

Our Approach

We utilize interoperability standards such as HL7 and FHIR to securely aggregate, integrate, structure, analyze, and share standardized, anonymized health data from diverse sources.

Our advanced technology merges millions of patient records with the power of AI. This empowers stakeholders with real-world data and analytics, allowing for better healthcare decisions, smarter policies and impactful discoveries that improve healthcare access for a wider audience.