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We simplify and enrich your data to make it highly useful and readable to you.

Unstructured data is converted into a consistent format and codified using industry standard systems.

Varicella Zoster Vaccine (Varivax)
Immunization, Subcutaneous
Dose 0.5ml
Sample data extracted from
ehr system
        "type": "immunization",
        "id": "Q3KKVE",
        "attributes": {
        "route": "Subcutaneous",
        "npi": false,
        "dose": "0.5ml",
        "category": "15 months",
        "type": "immunization",
        "name": "Varicella Zoster Vaccine (Varivax)",
        "inserted_at": "2017-08-07T23:02:30.982309Z",
        "id": "Q3KKVE",
        "external_id": null,
        "active": true
Helium API’s structured and
enriched output data


Our timeline format is built to help you understand a user’s health journey over time. Gain a chronological view of your patient’s health that continues to develop beyond the first connection.

Our advanced data analysis tools, applied to your healthcare facility’s needs help you gain transformative insights from raw information.

Easy to use

Access Helium API data through a variety of formats and methods, including API, JSON, PDF, CSV, and more.

Whether you’re pushing the data to a relational database or accessing it directly from our API, we will make sure you utilize the data in a way that’s most valuable for you.

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