Helium Credit- The Money ‘Virus’

  • 26/08/2020

  • The Helium Team

Not all viruses are bad. Some kill pathogenic bacteria and others even fight more dangerous viruses. Like probiotics – healthy bacteria your body needs, like Phages – viruses that offer positive health benefits.

A fascinating area of virus research called phage therapy, shows how phages are being used to treat dysentery, sepsis, salmonella and skin infections. In an era of high antibiotic resistance, a situation caused when more and more harmful bacteria develop resistance to our commonly used antibiotics, fighting bacteria with phages is giving medical researchers a lot of optimism.

The healthcare system in Africa is in a crunch, there is little time to fix broken bridges and mend wide gaps. For so long, we’ve banked on bacteria. How about we go for phages? And by phages we mean funding! Low cost innovations which would have helped solve problems years ago cannot help any longer because the African healthcare system is now resistant to such surface approach solutions. What we need now is money to solve deep rooted problems.

Just take a quick look at where we are now, even with shut borders. Many of our healthcare facilities are constantly bootstrapping leaving their staff with inadequate remuneration and patients unsatisfied. The quality of care is also diminishing because the types of tools available to our doctors are simply inadequate.

Applying the phage therapy of healthcare financing – adequate funding of the health sector across the board – will make room for more research to be done, bring about development, and set the right financial incentives to providers and practitioners, ensuring that all individuals have access to effective public health and personal health care.

Just like ‘phages’, the protective virus, Helium Health’s instant, hassle-free financing for healthcare facilities is here to provide aid to Africa’s healthcare system! It is completely okay for you to call this new and crisp solution of ours the Money Virus. Not all viruses are bad, some we cannot live without and in this case, funding is something our healthcare systems need to survive.

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