Global Health

Accurate data produced by health information systems are critical to strengthening health institutions. Access precise information and generate data-driven insights that facilitate better healthcare decisions, create smart policies and produce impactful discoveries

Frictionless, unparalleled healthcare data in any configuration

Helium Health connects governments, multilateral agencies, donor agencies and other healthcare stakeholders to aggregate, never-before-seen datasets and insights.

  • Monitor and rapidly respond to public health
  • Identify the largest needs in the most underserved
  • Set priorities, create evidence based policies and
    objectively (re)allocate resources
  • Improve diagnostic and treatment capabilities
  • Track intervention effectiveness, safety and challenges
  • Gather real world evidence and uncover opportunities to scale innovation

Seamless, quick and transparent
Monitoring & Evaluation

Optimize scarce resources for maximum impact using robust, longitudinal clinical data

  • Quickly align with program implementers about
    outcomes and success indicators
  • Encourage experimentation through continuous, cost-
    effective feedback loops
  • Trace impact directly to beneficiaries
  • Achieve targeted (re)allocation of resources to specific conditions, facilities or populations

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Our robust solutions introduce data, transparency and cost efficiency to health financing, enabling funders of all types—from HMOs to Donor Agencies—seamlessly and confidently pay for healthcare

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Unlock innovation

Identify pathways to better health outcomes for all