Innovative Insurance Administration

Modern technology platform with everything required to manage health schemes of any size, and confidently fund health services.

  • No Paper
  • Cleaner Claims
  • EHR-linked Claim Verification
  • Beneficiary Identification
  • Settlement Management
  • Easy & Flexible Integration

How it works

Our suite of scalable, fast and intelligent applications—powered by longitudinal patient data—help payers manage enrollment, identification, claims submission, claims processing, and reporting.


Health scheme administrators enroll new members using our application. Personal data is collected and used to issue identification cards that each member will present to access the scheme’s health services


Upon visiting a facility, members’ identities and eligibility for services are confirmed by hospital administrators using our application

Claims submission

During the visit, members’ medical information, labs, drugs and services received are recorded on our EMR. These are automatically compiled as claims and submitted to the health scheme provider

Claims processing

In addition to receiving and reviewing claims on our application, health scheme administrators can also set payment schedules for facilities


Our application also provides health scheme administrators with real-time data on enrollment, utilization, claims and more. These reports are critical for system-wide analysis and improvements


Helium helps health insurance partners increase efficiency and streamline administration.

  • Reduce cost

    Increases partners' operational efficiency by automating tasks and surfacing data to reduce waste and fraud.

  • Increase quality

    Leverages advanced data analytics to
    continually improve the system for patients
    and providers.

  • Improve experience

    Streamlines health insurance administration
    to save time and improve the experience for
    members, providers, and administrators.

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