Technology is Africa’s best chance at producing the speed and agility needed to monitor and contain disease outbreaks such as COVID-19. Our end-to-end emergency response software strengthens disease surveillance and facilitates quick, data-driven responses.

Customizable & Actionable

Our disease monitoring and outbreak response solution offers the following features

  • Case & Task Management

  • Triage & Scheduling

  • Contact Tracing

  • Lab Management

  • Bed Management

  • Isolation Center Management

  • Remote Case Monitoring

  • Dashboard & Monitoring

  • Communication & Alerts

  • Access Control

  • Health Worker Training & Monitoring

  • AI Powered Predictions


With our emergency response solution, governments and public health authorities can

  • Improve coordination and communication between teams
  • Reduce errors and accelerate response times
  • Boost team productivity and accountability
  • Gain total visibility into response activities and impact
  • Make data-driven resource allocations
Accelerate public health emergency response