Public Health Solutions Transcend Programatic Silos. Transform Global Health.

Technology is necessary for the equitable, efficient delivery of quality health programs at scale. Helium Health partners with public health stakeholders such as governments, donors, non-profits, program implementers and other technology organizations to tackle some of the world's most pressing public health and global health challenges.

For M(om)

Improving the quality of maternal care, reducing maternal mortality, and ultimately strengthening systems for safer childbirth by providing healthcare financing, digital health tools, capacity building and community engagement for hundreds of maternal health providers in Nigeria.

  • MSD for Mothers

Antenatal Risk Stratification Project

Reducing maternal mortality by helping thousands of pregnant women in Nigeria identify and understand their pregnancy-associated risks and recommending appropriate care pathways for safe pregnancies and deliveries.

  • Gates Foundation

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Statewide Health Facility Digitisation

Deploying HeliumOS, our health facility operating system, and the necessary infrastructure (i.e. solar power, networking) to enhance the efficiency and quality of healthcare delivery at state government-run health facilities serving thousands of patients monthly.

  • Government of Akwa Ibom State

  • Government of Ekiti State

Emergency Response System

We created a custom solution that supported the Lagos State Government in managing its COVID-19 response, enabling 500,000+ travellers to enter the country safely.

  • Government of Lagos State

Our Approach

While vertical programming can be necessary, healthcare data should not be trapped in programmatic silos. Our approach prioritizes the integration of previously siloed public health programs with broader vertical and horizontal initiatives to create strong, interconnected health information systems that generate rich data.

We work with our partners to improve health outcomes in vulnerable and underserved populations by:

Leveraging our world-class products that incorporate local context to create programmatic bundles.

Co-Creating custom solutions that address emergent needs and priorities