Team Spotlight: Ralph, Head Private Sector Growth

  • 06/04/2020

  • The Helium Team

Like many other companies affected by COVID-19, Helium Health is no exception.

Although I’ve been working from home for the better part of the last one year, I still get to travel around town for meetings, or meet with different people in our office and in some cases I just work in the office for a few hours just to see people. However, in this case, we’ve been forced by circumstances beyond our control to work from home all day long. This can be depressing sometimes but I have a coping mechanism which I’ll like to share:

  1. Morning Prep: I typically start my day with a shower to wake up my mind and makes me feel like I’m going somewhere. I’ve noticed that I’m more productive when I start my day with a shower. To boost my immune system, I take a cup of water containing 1000mg of Vitamin C.
  2. Task Management: I create a list of tasks that is expected of me. I use a tool called todoist, it’s synced with my calendar and sends me reminders every morning. This helps me keep track of tasks I’m meant to complete everyday.
  3. Zoom Meetings: Since I can’t meet in person, all my meetings have been happening on Zoom. What I did in this case is to make more video calls where possible so I can have the feeling of face to face interactions.
    Minimize distractions: I typically have my room locked for the first 4-5 hours of the day to reduce traffic to my room which can distract me.
  4. Family & friends time: My evenings after work are typically spent FaceTiming family & friends to keep in touch as we can’t see each other in person for now.
    Exercise: I have come to enjoy cycling during this period which I do almost every evening. Not only does it help me burn calories but lifts my mood & spirit.